Ready to meet the family...?


You asked us, so we asked The Line community.

Here are some of the highlights – and you can read more advice on our Facebook page.

Some said 6-12 months, but no one could really explain WHY that time-frame (maybe it’s just a social norm in people’s heads??). And then a bunch of people said 'ASAP!'

But the consistent theme was to talk about it together and, when you’re ready, dive on in. Every rello and every family are different, so we reckon do what feels good for everybody.


“It’s getting serious! When should they meet my parents?”

What you said…

  • Fern My boyfriend and I ran into my mum and stepsister on our first date. I then met his parents about a month later at Christmas! It’s different for everyone. As long as you both feel ok with it then it’s not really a big deal.
  • David I did a good one, after a few months basically introduced her to the whole family at once lol
  • Glen When you both agree you’re comfortable to!
  • Mitchell Introduce ASAP to let your parents know that you both are happy being together. Have a cup of tea at their place, go to breakfast lunch or dinner with them, or invite them to your place for something.
  • Ethan After you talk about it with your SO. When we are both comfortable then you go through with it
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Remember, for some people, the idea of a partner meeting family members can be stressful or difficult for a range of reasons – maybe a fear that your family won’t accept your partner or your relationship. This can be hard, and not everyone needs (or can have) their families and partner be best buds. If meeting the family is difficult for you or your partner, introducing them to a cousin or an old friend, for example, can also be a nice way to show them off and show them a little bit of who you are.

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