Practical tools for engaging parents, carers and guardians


Parents, carers and guardians are important contributors to young people’s education and wellbeing.

They are a key group to involve in efforts to address pornography’s influence on young people.

But many parents are not aware of pornography’s prevalence and nature, and many do not feel well equipped to talk with their young people about it.

Practitioners can play a valuable role in engaging and educating parents. By equipping them with appropriate knowledge, skills and resources, practitioners can assist parents to develop the knowledge, confidence and capacity to talk with their children about pornography.

The resources provided below will support practitioners in these efforts, and include key messages for parents, hooks for engaging parents, advice for responding to frequently asked questions and common roadblocks, and tip sheets to provide to parents.

While the resources mostly refer to “parents”, for simplicity, they are for use with any adults who have responsibility for bringing up or caring for young people. These resources are designed to be used in conjunction with the Professional practice guidanceresources.

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