Supporting young people to think critically about pornography: Parent tip sheets


Parents, carers and guardians are important contributors to young people’s education and wellbeing.

They are a key group to involve in efforts to address pornography’s influence on young people.

But many parents are not aware of pornography’s prevalence and nature, and many do not feel well equipped to talk with their young people about it.

The resources provided below will help practitioners to equip parents with the knowledge, confidence and capacity to talk with their children about pornography.

  1. Pornography: Greater access is a new ‘normal’ in young people’s lives
  2. Pornography: The wrong messages
  3. Pornography: Impacting young people
  4. Pornography: The time to act is now
  5. Pornography: When to have the conversation
  6. Pornography: Preparing for the conversation
  7. Pornography: How to have the conversation
  8. Pornography: Key messages for young people

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