Date or ditch – does your relationship belong in the bin?


There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship – there are always going to be challenges.

Maybe your partner doesn’t get your amazing taste in music. Maybe you’ve never hit it off with their parents. Maybe your friends all say your public displays of affection are disgusting.

Some relationship quirks can be fixed or learnt to be lived with (or even loved!) but some things are major red flags, telling you to ditch the relationship pronto.

Some relationship red flags to keep in mind are when:

  • There’s no affection or attraction between you.
  • You ridicule and dislike each other, rather than love and support each other.
  • Either of you is trying to control or dictate the way the other looks, thinks, acts or speaks.
  • Either of you dictate who you can see and what you can do outside the relationship.
  • You feel scared, anxious or worried when you’re around your partner - ever.
  • Arguments get physically, or non-physically abusive.
  • You feel disrespected or pressured into doing things you’re not comfortable with.
  • You lie to each other (beyond the occasional ‘Yes, of course, I’ve got something planned for your birthday. Yes… tomorrow’).
  • Either of you checks the other’s private messages without (enthusiastic!) permission.

Remember, our list doesn’t cover EVERY $HITTY THING. There are plenty of other relationship red flags, and if you’re worried about any behaviours or things happening in your relationship, and want some advice, contact  1800RESPECT

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