It happens – you see someone beautiful walking by and you think:


“I gotta say something!”


...Here’s a tip: Don’t.

No matter what your intention, unless someone is asking for your opinion it’s not a compliment.  Plus, nobody wants an opinion from some stranger. At best, it’s straight-up boring or creepy; at worst, it’s intimidating or threatening.

What if you were walking along and some guy with his mates came up to you and said, “Hey handsome, I want to be with you!” What’re you going to do? Stop for a chat? Exactly.

Why use a guy as an example? Because it’s USUALLY guys who yell at women on the street, and guys are USUALLY physically more intimidating than women.

Now, you might say, “Whoa, I’m not going to hurt anybody! I’m just a nice guy trying to give a compliment.” Yeah well, they don’t know that. You’re just some random who’s crashing their space without warning. Nobody should have to be pushed out of their comfort-zone because you feel like yelling out your ‘compliment’.

You really want to speak to a stranger on the street? Follow these steps:

  1. Be close enough not to have to yell, but stay far enough away not to be any kind of physical threat (like you're approaching a guy you don’t know).
  2. Keep your body language non-threatening and be happy but humble (like you're approaching a guy you don’t know).
  3. Start by apologising for bothering them, and make it clear you mean no harm (like you're approaching a guy you don’t know).
  4. Deliver your message in a polite and respectful way, then, without waiting for a response…
  5. …walk away. You said it wasn’t about hooking up with this person, right? So, you’ve delivered your message – now, without waiting for a response – just walk away (like you would to a guy you don’t know).

Note: Any true gentlemen out there, when you see someone attractive walking along the street and minding their own business: seriously, just go straight to step 5.

So how DO you meet people if you can't yell out at them on the street? Plenty of ways – through friends, school, parties, work... just not by approaching them out of the blue. Sorry, that’s crossing the line.