Crying is a super-normal thing to do. And everybody does it, pretty much from the moment we're born, so why do so many of us (half of us in particular?) feel embarrassed or ashamed about a bit of 'wet eye'? It’s not just normal – it’s healthy - like a workout for your brain that you do with your, ah... tear-ducts and mucus membranes.

We asked a bunch of you on Facebook to tell us about the last time you cried (you can read ALL the comments at The Line’s Facebook and Insta).

Here's what you said...

Seriously… when was the last you cried, and why.

  • Shontel: This morning, when I was watching an emotional video
  • Noah: I feel as tho it’s not acceptable for me to cry purely cause I’m a guy but in secret I’m an emotional wreck
  • Blake: Today, when I found out that I need surgery on my knee because I’ve torn my ACL, MCL and my meniscus is in two. I have to miss out on 18-24 months of sport...
  • Bonnie: Ten minutes ago... staying with my dad that I never see and every time we watch TV there's an add about a happy family and well yeah. I really miss being home and with my Mum.
  • Keith: I just ate 24 nuggets in like 2 minutes for shits and gigs. I am crying right now.
  • Steven: Honestly music is so powerful I cry every time I listen to a specific song in my playlists
  • Russell: At my pop’s funeral last week we were so close too.
  • Lily: Today, uni is very intense.
  • Sian: This morning. But I decided that the person I was crying over was a really toxic friend and was no good for me. Now I’m taking steps to minimise the amount of time and contact I have with them which makes me feel better!
  • Abbey: three hours ago bc onions.

There were plenty of different responses and different explanations for why people last cried, which just goes to show: there are no good or bad reasons to let your emotions free-flow.

But, not all that surprisingly, we had a lot more responses from girls than guys. What’s up with that – why do we tell men and boys they can’t show or talk about their sadness? And a big shout out to those guys who did pipe up, you big wet-eyed legends!

The stereotype about a girl feeling sad and meeting up with girlfriends for a good ol' cry – why not? It works! Whether it’s mates or family, why shouldn’t a guy who's feeling like $hit be able to catch up with the people who know him best for support and a shoulder?

Otherwise, if you or someone you know is having a hard time because of the way you or they feel please, please, please contact 1800RESPECTLifeline on 13 11 14  or Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800.