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"What happens when one partner in a relationship stops giving the other the respect they deserve? I’ve tried asking my partner to speak more nicely to me but nothing has changed.” 

  • [Luke P]: Time to end it. If you asked and they haven't listened, that's their problem. It's just going to weigh you down further.
  • [Brayden R]: Then it just ain't worth your time or effort, love is a 2 way street
  • [Alyse B]: If they won't treat you with respect then you need to be able to respect yourself enough to leave. Everyone deserves to be respected and heard and not treated like shit ☺
  • [Abby F]: Then it's time for a review. This doesn't mean that you break up because something is broken - fix it. It could just be that they're too comfortable in the relationship and they need to realise how lucky they are to have you.
  • [Katarena S]: You friggin' leave, or at the very least take some time and space to yourself so they can think abojt their actions because that's not what love is about.