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"I have a crush on someone and when I say hi to them, they just walk off… How can I approach them without coming off creepy?"

  • [Brock C]: It's all in the way you say hi... It's fine to say hello, but it gets a bit weird when you're standing naked outside their door for the 4th time this week
  • [Tyeisha K]: I would find out what they liked and.... Never try ever again - some people are pricks and some just don't have interest. Unfortunately.

  • [Joshua E]: So you say hi to them and they just ignore you and walk off? Someone that rude is a waste of your time.

  • [Joyshree C]: U would start by not drinking tea with ur toe..:-p

  • [Michael G]: Stopping visiting them late at night on full moons is a start!

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