So, we've been in a YouTube rabbit-warren for a while now – luckily we're turning up some pretty good vids. Like this one, which asks guys ages 5-50 to say the first thing that comes into their head when they hear 'be a man'. 

The short version? There's no one way to do the whole guy thing (we knew it!) 

The best bits 

The truth bombs! There's some good one-liners about how 'be a man' is a pretty outdated and bullshit idea tbh. These come from all different angles and experiences and show that there are > a million ways to be a man and to lose the stereotypes.  

The downsides 

It's a tad concerning how many men said 'strength' and 'strong' cos it shows that stereotypes are still "going strong" - and that's a real downer. Because at the end of the day, stereotypes and gender rules are legit never useful, right?! 

 ...Us either, little dude, us either.