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"My girlfriend (we've been dating for like 2 months) said she doesn't like to be clingy at school and I said that was fine but she won't even hold my hand. We are best friends but lately I feel like she's been acting weird. Do you think this is a sign?"

  • [Jerome D]: Dude, it's definitely a sign. Sounds like she doesn't even want to be in a relationship - perhaps she only agreed to be your gf because she didn't want the friendship to go sour??
  • [Tom D]: Some people aren't into PDA. Some people are REALLY into it. The only way to know what she means is by asking.
  • [Leo M]: Ask her to think about what being clingy really means, it doesn't sound like you're smothering her with affection. However if she's acting weird this may be a sign of something running slightly deeper, she may not be completely honest about her feelings towards you. Your best bet is to quietly take her aside some time and ask her a few choice questions about her actions.
  • [Gabe O]: Well try communicating with her first but I think it could be a sign you’re more into her than she is into you. I mean if she finds the idea of holding hands to full on and you’re supposed to be a teenage couple doing what teenagers do. It’s kinda unhealthy if you find holding hands awkward but still wanna go the full length sexually I mean maybe you’re more into her than she is into you.
  • [Grace R]: Just talk to her more, and ask her why she doesn't want to hold hands and what not. You should always know what’s going on, especially so you don't start overthinking and creating the wrong idea in your head!
  • [Niamh S]: I would suggest you talk to this lady about how they feel, and make it clear that it is hurtful behaviour and not what you want in a relationship.