As a GUY or GIRL what actions do YOU take in everyday life to ‘avoid’ sexual assault? 

- This is the question we asked our Facebook community.

Here are some of your answers

It's always interesting to see the ways guy and girls tend to answer this question. What do you do to avoid sexual assault?

Some people - both males and females - say they do nothing, while others are hyper-aware of their surroundings and potential threats. A lot of guys say sexual assault isn't something they think about, or that they only worry about non-sexual assault. 

Some people are just plain offended by the question, saying they feel men are being targeted, ignored or made to feel bad because of their gender.

The question is asked not to pit men against women or to suggest that one gender has it worse than another, but to highlight the different ways people think about their safety because of their gender. Overall, men are much more likely to worry about getting beaten up or in a fight than women. Women, on the other hand will generally be concerned about the possiblity of sexual assault, or what that group of men in the car are going to say or do as it slows down. It is another example of how our gender affects our outlook on the world around us.

The most encouraging responses come from people who recognise nobody is ever at fault for any kind of assault except the perpetrator, and those who said they aimed to be aware of other peoples fears and lend suport when necessary. To get involved in the discussion, make a comment here or check out the original Facebook post.