• Some people send nudes, some people don’t. 
  • Some people are into receiving them, some people aren’t. 

 But nobody... ever... forwarded someone’s nude without permission and wasn’t massive piece of shit 

Can it be that simple? 'What about context?', you ask. And complicated relationships? Sure, there’s a lot going on around nudes so here are some simple definitions to help with all the complicated techno-jargon. 

  • DHB - Decent human being who sends and receives nudes with consent.  

  • MPoS – Massive Piece of Shit who sends (without consent from the receiver) a nude pic of themselves. 

  • EMPoS – an Even Massiver Piece of Shit who forwards a person’s nude to others. 

Whether you know the person who’s in the image or not, and whether the image was sent to you by the person in the image or not – the question of whether or not to forward someone’s nude has only one answer:  


Sure, receiving a nude can be fun, it can be sexy, exhilarating even – it can be like that hot potato you just wanna handball on to your matesOr maybe you’re sitting on the dunny one day (doing a MPoS) and you find an image of someone you used to be tight with, but now you ain’t so close and you kinda don’t care about their feelings so much anymore.  

So here are some things to consider before hitting Send to a friend 

  • You will look like and be MPoS. 

  • The people you send it to will realise you’re a MPoS or, if not, you’ll realise they are all MPsoS for not realising you are a MPoS. 

  • You will be doing something massively shit to another human being, who never intended for that image to be shared with others. That might be an abstract concept to some people(particularly if they’re a MPoS), but trust us on this one – we did the research – it is massively shit to have your nude (or anything majorly private) shared with other people. 

But hey, if being a decent human being and having a character you can be proud of isn’t a big deal for you, maybe you need to consider the more selfish aspects:  

  • There can be serious legal implications, and…
  • Nudes can be cool, so if you’re lucky enough to be getting them from someone, you don’t want to fuck that up because you’re now known as a MPoS. 

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