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“Is it healthy for a relationship to have your partners Facebook password, and them have yours?”

  • [Luke P]: If you need to look through someone's phone/messages/social media, you simply do not trust them. And, should there be a bad break up, your partner having access to your social media could be absolutely catastrophic.
  • [Dannie S]: No, I think everyone has a right to privacy. If you're like me, I'll be showing my partner half the stuff on my Facebook anyway, but I don't want them logging in.
  • [Melanie Y]: Trust isn't based on having your partner’s passwords - trust goes beyond passwords and accounts, you're still an independent person entitled to your privacy and own conversations.
  • [James H]: Actually, me and my fiancé of three years have each other’s Facebook passwords. We tell each other when and what we plan to do with them each time we use them and I can say that there's been no issues. Mind you, this came after we agreed that we would look through everything that the other person has done. Every conversation and every photo liked or otherwise. It's eased everything and it means we can talk openly about our pasts and not have secrets in regards to previous relationships and the like.
  • [Oliver Ellis]: Yes, but only if both parties agree and aren't pressured into it for any reasons.
  • [Josh M]: It depends on the person, some people prefer to keep some things private and a healthy relationship should allow you to have separate identities. Right?