Sure, people like sending - and getting - rudes n nudes. But there are smart and stupid ways to handle yourself (so to speak) while doing it.

DO... double check you’re sending messages to the right person before you hit send! ‘Dan’ is dangerously close to ‘Dad’ in your contacts, and that mistake will forever change family dinners. 

Worst elevator ride ever

Suss the mood

DO… make sure someone is up for that kinda message before you hit send. Try “So, I'm thinking about what we could be doing if we were together right now... Wanna know more?”. IF you get a yes, then start on the mild side - it's like 'phone-foreplay'. 

DON’T… send anything if there is ANY suggestion they’re not massively into it. There's getting a ‘sexy’ message from someone you’re into, when you're in the mood – and then there's that loser who didn't ask and crossed all sorts of lines. Sexy for you may be someone else's gross, awkward or even threatening. 

Take the pressure down

DO… take the pressure test to make sure you're not being a creeper. E.g. did you know nagging someone til they send a nude makes you a douche (and can be illegal)?

DON’T… hassle anyone to get their nude on, literally ever. Asking over and over is the perfect way to screw it all up

Pressure test

Keep it classy

DO… let people use their imaginations. Words can be way hotter than flopping your junk on the kitchen (...and WIPE DOWN THAT BENCHTOP BEFORE YOU COOK). Asking them questions instead of telling them everything you're thinking can be a good move and means you also, like, learn something about what your sexty friend likes?!

DON’T… ever send or show other people a pic that someone has sent you. Understand? DON'T. EVER. No matter how you feel about them (aka if you're pissed or dumped).


Take out the trash

DO… delete any sensitive messages you’ve sent or received, and let people know when you’ve done it. It puts their mind at ease and makes you... a decent person.

DON’T… forget to empty your recently deleted and trash folders on your device(s). If you’re going to do it, do it right.

Send the right message

DO… tell anyone who tries to show you private messages or images of other people that they’re a douche and they need to read this article ASAP.

DON'T… think that if someone forwards you a nudey or a rudey you're allowed to A. look and B. forward it on to others. Be a stand-up citizen and put a stop to this digital douchery now.

Know what's what

DObe aware of the law. Depending on your/the recipient’s age and where you are, sending or receiving a nude/sext can result in legal consequences – even if the images are of yourself! Just asking someone for an image inappropriately can be deemed ‘illegal harassment’.

DON’T… stress out that all forms of fone-fun will end up with you in prison. As long as you and your spesh are both into to it and old enough, there are plenty of ways to have sexty time. 

So, go to, select your state or territory and click on the ‘Sexting’ link (Under ‘Sex, Love and Health’) to make sure you’re clear on what’s crossing the line when it comes to gettin’ freaky with your phone…