So, we reached out to our Facebook community and asked...

‘What do you wish your sex-ed classes had actually taught you?’

There were plenty of different responses, but there were definitely a few recurring themes…


“I wish they had dispelled the idea that boys only want sex!"

 - Erin B.


“We should talk more about what sex is actually like instead of letting teens believe sex is like what they see in porn and other media…”

 – Gareth M.



“The actual emotional consequences of sex for both boys and girls, and not simply telling girls “BOYS ARE JUST USING YOU!”

 - Jaleesa M.



“It would be great if there was more emphasis on self pleasure!”

 - Emma D.


“That sex is actually good and normal and there shouldn’t be any shame!”

 - Imogen R.





“Recognise that not all relationships are heterosexual…”

 – Missy R.


“The feelings surrounding sex (not just pleasure but the emotions felt before, during and afterwards)”

 – Matthew P.



“’s not strange for a woman to not be able to have an orgasm”

 – Bianca B. 


“Consent, consent, consent!”

– Cain P. 


“That first times are awkward af”

 – James M.



“How to say no when pressured into having sex with your partner!”

 -Tobi B.







“Boys you don’t need a hairless big schlong to get it on!”

 – Sarah E.

“A heads up that sex realistically lasts for about 3 minutes would have been nice!”

 – Sarah E.


It sounds like a lot of people thought there was too much focus on biology and theory – Sure, that stuff is good to know about, but there’s a whole lot more than that which people end up trying to 'learn on the job'.

Practical advice about what consent looks and sounds like, what makes a relationship healthy or unhealthy, LGBTIQ sex and sexual relationships, STI prevention and treatment, realistic 'sexpectations', self-pleasure... these are just a few things that seem to be missing in a lot of people’s sex-ed.

For more than your average sex-ed class might have offered back in the day, check out some of these excellent sites: