• Hey, what's goin' on?

  • Not much, bedtime. Getting my gear off, thinking of you.

  • Whaaat?! Send me a pic, pleeease...

What are you going to do? Just go ahead and find your best angle? Maybe you're not sure about it, but figure it'll be a bit of harmless fun? Maybe they promise to delete it right afterwards?

Couple of differences between a bit of flirty texting and sending images:

  1. Images of you are obviously you - unlike a text you can never say, ‘Oh, yeah that was someone mucking around with my phone - that wasn't even me...'
  2. If an image of you somehow gets into other people's hands it's going to feel like a whole different situation to, say, people reading something kind of embarrassing that you wrote.

And obviously digital images can last forever, or way longer than you meant them to.

Once that image has been sent it's out of your control forever.

So, some quick tips...

Keep your face OUT of the image and make sure it's not recognisable as you - this is kind of a no-brainer.

If someone asks for a sext, fire up their imagination and ‘say it with a text', like... "I can tell you I'm wearing a smile and not much else...". Or try a Flirtmoji or a Send This Instead.

There's always Snapchat, which deletes your image after a certain amount of time - but keep in mind that people can just take a screenshot while they're viewing the image - which basically makes it a permanent image again. 

Any warning signs? Take a second to think about who you're sending the image to ...do you totally trust them? 100% of the time? Any chance they might want to have a laugh with their mates? Ever heard them say stuff about sexts they've seen or received from other people? Any chance you could end up being ‘other people'? 

Be aware of the legal implications of what could go wrong - check out our article on Sexting and the law and visit the lawstuff website to get the up-to-date laws in your state or territory.

Sure, everything might be cool now and you trust the person you're sending the pic to, but what happens when something changes, like the relationship or even just someone's mood? Or maybe there's a ‘technology breakdown' and an image you've sent accidentally ends up in someone else's hands? None of this stuff is guaranteed to happen, but there's no guarantee it won't. Just play it safe, ‘safe sext', and stay on the safe side of the line...