Sure, people send nudes and people send rudes, and texts become sexts and but...

How do you sext safely, respectfully and without being a douche?

We asked 'you', the Facebook community. And here's what you said...

“I think ppl in a relationship should be able to decide for themselves what’s cool or not, I’d be cool for my partner to say ‘I miss you, send me some stuff for the spank bank!” 

- Ash

“Be like – ‘Hey, how do you feel about sending/receiving nudes?’ Your actions should be determined by what their response is. Have a conversation about it. Under no circumstances should you just send it without talking about it beforehand because unsolicited nudes are just obnoxious af.”

- Jordan.

“The real question is: what’s the best way to ASK for nudes without sounding disrespectful” 

- Joe

“Communication. It’s always about communication. Have a talk about it, discuss whether or not it’d be something you and your partner could even try and if either of you isn’t comfortable just leave it at that and find other ways to have fun together.” 

- Ollie

“Best advice is don’t do it. Meet up with each other and respectfully and consensually do what ya gotta do. If this ain’t possible do it safely through social media which is non-descriptly designed for that.”

- Samuel

“For a bit the pictures didn’t include my face. Took some trust building and stuff to do more. You don’t want to send it to someone who’s into revenge and holds grudges against others. And if the instincts say no, don’t do it.”

- Natasha

“Don’t include your face in it.”

- Helena

"Snapchat. Gone after 10 secs. If you screenshot someone’s nude, then you’re a piece of shit.”

- Mitch

“Invite the chick over instead?” 

- Cade L.

“If someone screenshots they were viewing (a nude), then you have been notified of it and it’s up to you what you do about it. You might ask why they screenshot it or you might tell them to delete it. But at least you know. I just wouldn’t be sending anything incriminating in any way. Everything can be used against you. That’s the choice you make sending pictures.”

- Emily

So there you have it - some pretty obvious (to most of us?) advice about playing it safely and respectfully, and communicating - maybe even communicating in person! 

And if it isn't obvious, maybe check out some of our other articles on this stuff before hitting that Send button...