Pressuring someone for sex is never ok. Take our quiz to see how you'd react in these potentially high-pressure situations...


I can deal

You’re in bed with someone, having fun, but when you try to take things to the next level they just smile and say, “Hmm, I don’t think I want to.” Do you:


Great party

You’re at a party with your date and the plan is to go back to your place together afterwards, but later that night they tell you they’d like to go home alone instead. Do you:


Not even mad

You get back to your partner’s place after a big night out. They tell you they’d love you to stay but they’re not feeling up for any sexy-times tonight. Do you:


No Netflixxing?

You’ve made plans with your friend-with-benefits to ‘Netflix and Chill’ tonight, but this time they only want to Netflix. Absolutely zero chill on the cards. You’re confused because last time the chilling was good. Do you:


Lame mates

Your mates have been putting the pressure on you to ‘seal the deal’ with the new boo. Only thing is, your boo has already told you they’re not ready to have sex yet. Do you:


Isn't that...?

You’re online and see someone who’s sent you some nudes in the past. But when you message them they completely ignore you. Do you:


Nope, not frustrated

You’re having sex with someone when they suddenly say they want to stop. Do you:


Watch them sleep

You’ve crashed out next to someone and you know they like you. They look like they’ve fallen asleep but you start wondering if they’re just pretending. Do you:


Just drive

You’re making out with someone in your car, when they stop and say they don’t want to take it any further and just want you to take them home. Do you:


Doctor ...Who dat?

At a party you notice someone who you happen to have seen on a dating app. Their profile said they’re into one-night stands, but when you take them aside later and suggest hooking-up for the night they look embarrassed and start walking away. Do you: