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“Do you think nice guys finish last or is this just an old-fashioned expression?”

  • [Drake V]: The guy who doesn't put himself out there while being respectful of women finishes last would be a more accurate expression. Nice guys don't need to call themselves a nice guy anyway. Besides women don't owe men a relationship just because we are nice to 'em.
  • [Kim C]: Nice guys are the best!
  • [Scarlett G]: What does the 'finish last' part of the saying mean? Cause they don't get to have sex with a woman? Is that their end goal?? ‘Cause that to me indicates to me they're not a 'nice guy'....
  • [Aaron B]: If being a "nice guy" is the only thing you've got going for you then yeah you're gonna finish last.
  • [Pheobe W]: "Nice guys finish last" is a phrase I only ever hear douchebags use, and only ever to excuse douchebag behaviour. 
  • [Jack H]:  I'm a nice guy and I can probably run faster than most bad guys if that's what you mean.😂😂😂