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"I’m about to get into a long-distance relationship. Any advice on how to make it work and be bearable?”

  • [Renee E]: Communication, trust, honesty, skype and facetime will be your best friends. Make dates like "normal" couples. And always have a plan to be together in the future. Something to aim for in your relationship. It can be incredibly hard but you need to be a team to get through it. If only one of you is putting in effort, it will never work. It's SO easy to get paranoid and jealous and think up situations that aren't happening. Try not to let that ruin you - Coming from someone who has been LDR for over 5 years now.
  • [Nikita L]: I found after several long distances relationships, that if it is meant to work, it will work. Having achieveable goals helps. For example, knowing that you will see him/her in four months instead of being burdened with not knowing when you them next. You can't force something like this, and if you try you will both eventually resent each other.
  • [Caitlyn C]: Me and my fiancé used to live 12 hours away from each other as long as you have trust and commitment it shouldn't be to hard, the hardest part is saying goodby after a visit.
  • [James T]: Personal experience: I was in a "long distance relationship" with a girl from America who lied about everything from what she did for a job & pretty much every single thing she ever told me. As long distance relies on communication and there is little to no "close contact" there is a high probability of truth being bent, hidden or otherwise misconstrued.
  • [Allyson C]: Hm. Maybe try to bring up problems as they arise, don't bottle it up. And make sure to take turns starting conversations.
  • [Sean M]: Remember if you ever hate the feeling of missing them bc you don't get to the see that person, remind yourself that the feeling of being with them surpasses any other, that's how I always get through long distance.
  • [Patrick H]: Skype heaps... and send morning and night messages
  • [Emma W]: i was in a long distance relationship with a guy for four months. he lived 3 hours away so it wasnt that hard to see him every second weekend. the hardest thing i found (being a year 11 student at the time) was keeping on top of school work while balancing friends and spending time with him. its totally worth it though if the person is right for you as all the others say communication and goal setting is the key i dont think we would have lasted as long if it wasnt for our constant making sure we could see each other. we also had long distant dates where we simply just watched the same movie on tv and we skyped a little but mostly phone calls, text and facebook. its really tough though especially if you dont have family or friends support.
  • [Melissa C]: Skype and snapchat have been what has made my relationship bearable - that way we always get to 'see' each other! We also attempt to travel once a month (planning the next time while we are together) and take it in turns. We are quite lucky that it's only a 1.5 hour plane ride each way https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v6/ffb/1/16/263a.png