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In February 2016, we asked guys from our Facebook community to tell us what they felt were the biggest issues young men have to deal with.

This* is what they said…

(*paraphrased and in no particular order)

  • Not being encouraged to have open and honest discussion, particularly about emotions.
  • Having to adopt outdated definitions of masculinity and what it is to be ‘a man’.
  • It being taboo to talk about mental health issues (e.g. mental illness, depression, anxiety).

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  • Feeling like all the attention is on female victims and nobody is discussing male’s problems.
  • Widespread hard-core pornography and its ‘effects’, e.g. pornography addiction and unhealthy representations of sex, relationships and gender.
  • Homophobia.
  • Body-image issues and not looking/acting the way society/the media ‘tells’ us to.
  • A lack of self-worth, and feelings of self-doubt.
  • The patriarchy dictating that males’ value is in their ability to disconnect emotionally and to assert power and dominance over others.

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  • Hearing about problems that women suffer at the hands of men and feeling shame and guilt.
  • Competitiveness, striving to dominate and victimisation among males instead of solidarity.
  • Lacking confidence meeting girls because it feels like we’re all considered sleaze-balls and misogynists.
  • Male-on-male peer pressure to do certain things, or being called ‘soft’ when you refuse.
  • Social anxiety and struggling to fit in with school/social/peer groups.
  • Lack of ambition and lack of encouragement to strive for something better.
  • Pressure to succeed academically at school/uni.

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  • Pressure to be sexually active and ‘getting plenty’.
  • Dealing with family issues when teenagers, siblings and parents often don’t get along.
  • Identity issues - Not knowing ‘who you are’ yet.
  • So much time spent on social media.
  • Rejection by crushes/love interests.
  • Pressure to pick a career and get a job.
  • Alcohol/drug abuse.
  • Constant threat of violence, e.g. coward punches, street and gang violence.
  • Bullying at school, in the workplace or online.
  • Feeling ignored by women and trying to ‘understand’ women.

So, you've told us what's on your mind and what you're not liking about being a young man - firstly, thank you, thank you, thank you to all y'all who spoke up - it's so good to get your input. Our next step is to put together articles that discuss some of these issues. Standby...

In the meantime, if you or someone you know is finding it hard to deal with any of the stuff above, check out our Get Help page. And if you feel there’s something not on this list, or want to see some of the other comments, check out the post on Facebook