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“My crush is really focused on her studies and I’m not sure if she’s interested in a relationship with me, but she seems keen to talk to me when I start a conversation with her… I’m not sure what to do, any advice?”

  • [Jeremy A]: Ask her if they want to study and chill ;)
  • [Rayne S]: They want a relationship but they also want an education. If you ask me they're just getting their priorities straight and in order
  • [Jack K]: Just keep talking to her. If something is going to happened it will, maybe put a hint that you like her.
  • [April H]: ask her what she wants, don't make up the decision that you're not going to ask her out because you know shes focused on her studies because you need to cater for what she wants as well! But whatever she decides, respect it and she will like you a whole lot more for respecting her decision, whatever that may be :) 
  • [Bianca D]: Be blunt. Ask her. Or wait until her studies are over. If she's worth it your feelings for her won't go away
  • [Jason D]: Study with her, but help her with her studies as well. She's really keen to pass her exams, I'm pretty sure, so once the stress on that is off, ask her out. ALSO, A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: If she doesn't want to focus on being in a relationship and wants to focus on her education, respect her for that. There will still be a chance for you.