Follow the line

A series of animated videos takes you into the world of a group of high school kids, their friend, and their relationships with each other. Each video has multiple endings, so you can choose what the characters do next and see what happens.

Control freak

Jess is driving Dylan crazy, checking up on him 24-7. What's he gonna do about it?

Download 'Control freak' transcript (Word doc).


Lauren's just been dumped by text and she's not happy. What should she do?

Download 'Dumped' transcript (Word doc).


Tom's freaking out about Bec and some guy called Luke. Should he hack into her email to find out the truth?

Download 'e-Hacker' transcript (Word doc).

Facebook feud

Steph's totally jealous of Bec. But is it really worth starting a Facebook campaign against her?

Download 'Facebook feud' transcript (Word doc).

Jealous guy

Ethan's paranoid and can't deal with Emma having guy friends. Should Emma be worried?

Download 'Jealous guy' transcript (Word doc).

Party girl

Ryan's about to hook up with Emma when she passes out drunk. Should he just go for it anyway?

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Slut or what?

Emma's an old friend of Dylan's, but his mates reckon she's a slut. Should he go along with them, or stand up for her?

Download 'Slut or what?' transcript (Word doc).


Dylan wants Jess to send him nude photos. He reckons everyone else is doing it, but Jess isn't so sure.

Download 'SXTing' transcript (Word doc).