The Line – Respect Each Other provides young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with ways to learn about healthy and respectful relationships. There are also resources for teachers, parents, relatives and other community members to help lead the way with lessons and activities.

Serpent Tales

Follow the stories of Tom, Jack, Stanley and the Mean Girls. See how they deal with issues like bullying, texting, and hitting, and learn about respecting each other.

Act out a journey about jealousy with Tom and Sally

These two screenplays are about that ugly green monster 'jealousy'. You can choose whether you want to act out Sally's or Tom's point of view. You'll also find instructions to film the screenplay below. Have fun performing!

Teachers, parents, relatives and community members


Serpent Trails

The Serpent Trails segments provide a guided journey with Indigenous experts in art, film, acting and song writing. They show how to use a creative environment to build respectful relationships amongst young people in the classroom and the community. We recommend viewing the Serpent Trails videos and utilising the Serpent Tales and Jealousy scripts and lesson plans. Together, they can help build confidence and relationship skills amongst young Indigenous Australians in the areas of bullying, spreading rumours, respect and jealousy.

Serpent Trails videos