Ever scrolled through the comments and just lost all hope for the human race?

Online abuse


Or noticed that someone is sharing personal, intimate info about their ex, partner or mate to “get back” at them? And then everyone starts liking and commenting and taking sides and it’s chaos. 

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Yeah, this isn’t ok. It’s not funny or trivial or something you should just let slide. Abuse online is serious stuff.

People say and share all kinds of stuff online that they wouldn’t do in person. But crappy behaviour online hurts people just as much as if you shouted it in someone’s face or stuck posters up all over school.

Here are our golden rules to help you not be, well, a massive douchelord online.


DON'T... share other people's shit

When you receive a photo or message, it stays with you. The sender can show or tell other people if they want - that's their right - but not yours. 

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DON'T... ignore their line

Maybe you’re ok with topless photos of you going around – but if you haven't got their consent, just don't. And if someone says something online isn't cool for them, then you’ve gotta cut it out. Respect where each person draws the line.

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DON’T... pass it on or hype it up

Adding to the fire, even if you didn't start it, is still the act of a douche. It makes the problem bigger and the person in question feel even shitter. Be the one who stops the spread - be the righteous roadblocker. 


DO... call out the crap

You can chime in and call on your mates if it’s to help stop their crap behaviour. t's highly likely the person being attacked could use a helping hand. Being a strong person means stepping up and saying nope. This is particularly true if the person being the douche is someone you know.

Don’t use abusive language even when you’re doing the right thing by calling out something crappy. Keep things cool and simple and at the very least suggest that they CHILL IMMEDIATELY!  

Chill out

Consider PMing the person targeted too - something like “Hey, Sam's behaviour is shit and I hope you’re ok”

DO... take it out of the public eye

If you have something to get off your chest, talk to them directly. Be respectful and focus on finding a solution. If you're too angry to do that, then wait til you've cooled down.

If you already posted crap stuff online, delete it. And then apologise to the person you aimed it also. Also apologise to any other people who got caught up in your dodgy behaviour.

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DO... go away

Take a moment to think about the possible ways you chiming in could impact the other person, i.e. empathising.

And if you’re commenting or liking someone’s stuff online and they’re telling you to leave them alone or ignoring you over and over, just back off. Even if you think you're right and even if you’re trying to help. Because who wants to be making someone feel shit?!