You asked us, so we asked our The Line community. Here are some of the highlights – you can read all the advice on Facebook.

  • [Jackson]: It doesn’t hold you back from doing things you want to do and it doesn’t inhibit your happiness, it opens the door to new things.
  • [Camille]: When you stop making excuses for things they do, and you stop defending them and start to realise, they're actually not as perfect as you once thought. I don't mean you start to turn negative or start to bitch about them, you just stop making excuses for actual bad things they did.
  • [Chris]: when you stop feelin   :(( when you think about them
  • [Patch]: I know I got over a girl when they popped into my head and I just went "Oh yeah, that happened, oh well." I then carried on with my day. No worries!
  • [Lucie]: I feel like you reach a point where you're not worrying about what things would be like or checking their posts on FB. An occasional thought might be there but shifting your focus back onto yourself and what lies ahead I think is a good sign of progress.
  • [Amber]: When you feel indifferent about them or happy about where you are now. When it no longer brings you any kind of pain or longing and you can look back and just be like, "yeah it happened, but look where I am now"
  • [El]: Acceptance. Once you fully accept everything: the love, the joy, the pain, the sadness, and the fact that it's all gone and it's all over, you can move on. You accept it, whether or not it was fair. You accept it, whether or not you had the 'closure' you were expecting. And then, it's a choice: you choose to move on. That part of your life will always be a part of your life. So was your first kiss. So was your first love, first heartbreak, first whatever. Good experience or bad, it's all over. It's done. And it's a matter of accepting that and putting things where they belong. None of this bullshit about finding love in another person before you can move on - your heart will always have a place for the ones you learn to love, you can't just shun them out. If you find you're able to, that wasn't real love. Your heart is capable of so much love - just love, and if you lose, and love again.