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 “What’s the best way to move on from an ex you still love?”

  • [Bri B]: You can't. Full stop. You always care about them, because no matter what they do, or how bad, there is always a tiny place in your heart that wishes they would realise what was wrong and it could be fixed. It doesn’t matter how hard you get slapped by reality, that tiny piece wants what could have and should have been.
  • [Kaylee B]: I don't actually agree. I was with my ex fiancé for almost 5 years. We split up a few months ago, and I can honestly say that I do not have feelings for him anymore. He was a complete control freak and by the end of the relationship I was so glad to get out of it! His family were even worse than him so it was a drama filled horrible 5 years I spent with the moron.
  • [Natasha S]: The best piece of advice that helped me was that the person you fell in love with is not the same person who is here today. That person is gone, and it's OK to cherish the memory, but there is no point in chasing after someone who no longer exists. And the other valuable piece of advice: NEVER COMPARE! You are going to move on, meet new people and they will be wonderful in their own way. Do not keep chasing what is in the past. The next love will be different and special and that's ok...when you're ready, and after you've learned to happy on your own again.
  • [Kimberley B]: I don't believe there is a best way. We all deal with break ups and feelings in such different ways, for some it's easy, for others it's so much harder. But once you start to focus on yourself again it does make things better and brighter. Time heals most wounds, but as an individual you need to want to move on, not just be told to, or feel you have to - you have to want to.
  • [Sarah D]: Find yourself a new hobby. Decide on a new goal you like to achieve. Let it be all about you and just do it. This will help your self-esteem and forget about something that is over...
  • [Bon A]: breathe in. breathe out. left foot, then right. wake up, live, go to sleep. repeat all steps, and one day you'll wake up and that sore spot won't be the first thing on your mind. the next day you might not think about it at all. then the next day, you might be able to think about it without feeling the pain. It's ok to love someone you can't have, it's even ok to love someone you don't want to have as yours. just keep on keepin' on.
  • [Noah M]: Surround yourself with friends and family, they will make you feel better and do something that keeps you occupied like exercise, it helps a lot instead of drinking and eating junk food. I found the exercise to be the best but over time go out and enjoy yourself with people and maybe in the future depending on what has happened between the two people then maybe be friends. It's still good to be friends when you have done a lot with a person that has helped you through a lot of tough times. Just give it time first.