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“I like my best friend, and he recently found out, from a friend I thought I could trust, that I like him. He's not treating me any differently and we’re still acting like normal friends but I think my feelings are getting stronger - and he already has a girlfriend… What should I do?”

  • [Michelle B]: Leave it alone. He is with someone else so respect that. If he really does like you then he would be with you and not with his gf. If you two are meant to be together then let fate run its course. Xx
  • [Neel S]: Respect his relationship and stay as mates. Don't ruin it, brah.
  • [Cory S]: Speaking as the guy in this scenario, just try and stay friends, be supportive of the relationship and don't do anything that may damage their relationship. The last thing you want to do is contribute to a breakup and have the guy hold it against you.
  • [Brandt T]: There's nothing you can really do. They know you have feelings for them. You know he has a girlfriend. The best thing would be to realise (and this is talking from experience myself) that sadly nothing will happen at this point in time. By all means keep him as your friend since he did the honourable thing and treated you the same as before he know how you felt. Because a good friend is hard to come by these days. So keep that going above anything else.
  • [Jerome D]: Try to recognise that if you really value the friendship, let him grow and continue being happy. If things go sour in the relationship that he's in, you'll definitely be the first person who he turns to. It's kind of an awkward situation because on one hand you want to be with him, but of course you'd want him to be happy too. Jumping in now may ruin a friendship and or a potential relationship.
  • [Yannik N]: With something like this respect the relationship. Try not to interfere with it.