Young people sitting around, young man smiles as he looks at his mobile

Ever asked someone to send you a sext? Ever received a nude pic? Maybe you asked for it, maybe you didn't. Maybe it's from the person in the pic or maybe someone else forwarded it to you. The question is, what are you going to do next?

Here's a few things to keep in mind...

Once the image is in your possession you've got a responsibility to do the right thing. As sweet as it might be to have a pic of someone you know not wearing a lot, you've got to be the one to ‘stay classy'.

Don't be the one who's first response is to send it on to other people. That's like someone trusting you with something totally personal and your first response being to yell out, "Whoahoah! Yo, everybody, check this out!"

Take a second to put yourself in the shoes of the person who's in the picture (...yeah, even if they're not wearing any). You've been given this image. Along with that image, you've been given trust – to keep it private. Even if you took it as a joke, it's still massively important to keep it private, because once it gets into someone else's hands you've lost control over the image, and you've lost that trust. If you can't handle that responsibility, delete it.

Apart from the legal implications of possessing or forwarding a sext (Check out ‘Sexting and the law' for more on this) it's kind of just about being a decent human being. So...

  • Before you start nagging someone to "Pleeease send me a rude..." try staying classy.
  • And before you forward that image you just got to all your mates, try maybe, ummm... staying classy?
  • And before you find an old pic of an ex and start plotting excellent ways to embarrass him/her, try maybe, oh, I dunno, what's that thing again...? Staying. Freakin'. Classy!

Also, if you're sending, or thinking about sending a sext, check out our articles on technology and communication. So, stay classy, folks, and stay on the right side of the line...