Every classic line yelled out on the street is heard differently by different people.

Maybe you've yelled this stuff out, maybe you've heard other people yell it, maybe you've had it yelled at you...

Check out these some common catcalls and how they're usually perceived...

1. “Hey girl, you wanna meet up?"

Driving creep

Sounds more like...

- 'Hey, feel like going to a semi-secluded place and putting your safety at risk with a total stranger?' 


2. *Wolf whistle*

whistling creep

Is basically...

- 'I’m going to get your attention in the same way I would a domesticated animal because I respect you that much.'


3. “C’mon sweetie, give me a smile!”

You cant HANDLE this


-'Pleeeease respond positively to me harassing you!'  


4. “Hey baby, can I get your number?”

Give us a smile creep

Can be translated as...

 -'Um, can I ring you later when I don't feel so vulnerable in front of all these other people?'  


5. “Hey sexy, why don’t you want to talk to me? I’m a good guy.”

lying creep

Is defined as...

 -'Hey, I am lying about being a good guy. If I was a good guy I wouldn’t be following you down the street right now.'


6. “Awww baby, you running away? Whatever, you couldn't handle all this anyway!”

You got a boyfriend?

Is actually...

 -'Yeah you made the right decision getting away from me, but now I feel stupid so I'm making excuses.' 



7. “Hey, have you got a boyfriend?”

Givus a smile


 -'Hey, just checking I'M not in any danger before I harass and intimidate you...' 


8. “So, where do you work/live/go to school?”

Horror creep

Screams of...

 -'Where can I find you later so I can take this horror to a whole new level?'  


9. “Nice ass!”

You're a piece of meat

Comes across as...

 -'You are a piece of meat, you are a piece of meat, you are a piece of meat, you are a piece of meat.'


10. “You should smile more!”

Hotter if you smiled

Comes across as...

 - 'I am DESPARATE for positive some feedback, and this is going really wrong.'



  • Next time you want to yell something out at a stranger on the street, think about how it's going to be perceived - by them.
  • Next time you see someone get yelled at on the street, make sure they're ok.
  • Next time you get yelled at on the street... yeah sorry, there are some real dickheads out there, huh.