Ever heard a mate say something a bit shit and felt awkies/uncomfortable? Yeah, us too... and it blows.


Take this quiz to find out how to say yeah nah to a mate, without dogging the boys.




You’re scrolling Insta and see a mate has posted a video of themselves saying "if I get 1000 likes I’ll post nudes of my ex, teach them a lesson for dumping me lol." Do you...


You’re Netflixing and watch a woman get attacked by a guy on the screen. Your friend says “yeah well, she asked for it – she was happy to talk to him earlier and drunk!” Do you:


Your teacher hands out an assignment and tells everyone to partner up. Your mate says "I'm going with Jess cos I hear she's loose, maybe we can ‘study’ together!" Do you:


You’re at your friend Rose’s house party and she’s trying to wrap things up for the night. Not long after her brother comes home and says everyone should stay and turns the music up, even though Rose asks him to stop. Your mate says "well her bro is the man of the house so I’m not going anywhere!” Do you: