Take this 20-question quiz to give your mate a score...

How often does your mate...

Interrupt or talk over the top of girls when they talk? 3 2 1 0  
Tease girls about the way they look?  3 2 1 0  
Tell jokes about women? 2 0  
Listen respectfully to other guys, but not to girls?


Comment on people's sexual activities according to gender (e.g. guys are studs/legends/mad rooters, girls are sluts/loose/easy)?


Try to take advantage of girls if they've had too much to drink?


Ignore or dismiss girls’ opinions?  0  
Join in with other guys who are putting girls down?  
Make unfounded generalisations about girls (e.g. they can’t drive, can’t throw, are over-emotional)  
Call girls names like ‘bitch’, ‘ho’, or ‘slut’?  
Say that girls/women who have been raped deserved it or should have known better? 3  
Say that girls are only good for one thing? 3  
Believe that men are naturally superior to women?  
Tease guys by calling them female names such as girls or pussies?  
Ignore girls who they think are unattractive?  
Make sexual comments to girls on the street?  
Listen to music that puts girls down?  
Judge girls according to what they wear?  
Watch porn that shows violence or aggression towards women? 1  
Try to trick or force girls into having sex?  0  
         TOTAL =  


If they scored…

Less than 30: Your mate doesn't seem to understand how their behaviour towards women and girls affects others and makes them look. Depending on how far your mate’s bad behaviour goes, you may want to check out ‘I know someone being violent/controlling in their relationship’ or ‘Stepping in to prevent sexual assault and violence - Who Are You?’. Also, make sure their reputation doesn’t rub off on yours. Unfortunately, some people may put you in the same crap-bucket of disrespect.

Check out some of our other ‘Take action’ articles for tips on how to deal with mates like this. Helping your mate treat women and girls respectfully works out better for everyone.

If he scored 30-59: There are a few good signs, but your mate needs to do a whole lot better when it comes to treating women and girls respectfully. It’s important for you to stick by them when they do the right thing, but discourage the crappy behaviour. The main areas to support them are the ones that they didn’t score a 3 on. You can find some other tips in our other ‘Take action’ articles.

If he scored 57 or more:  Practically perfect – celebrate-your-mate! Let them know how much you rate the way they respect women and girls. Send them a link to this quiz and tell them about their top score.