A question we get A LOT is about how to break up with someone without being a massive douche bag. So we put the question to The Line on Facebook and Insta 

The overall gist was to muster up the guts to say it to their face (unless you're feeling freaked out or unsafethen do what you need to do - text, ghost, get a mate's help). Here’s some of what people said… 

  • MichaelBy text definitely hurts alot more than face to face  
  • Zacalways say it to their face 
  • Willow: If someone cheats or is a dangerous person then I think that voids giving that level of respect and a text or phone call break up is acceptable. 
  • LindseyI'm not gunna lie, I've done it over text after dating someone for like 3 weeks and I feel bad about it still. 
  • MikeAs gently as i can, "look ive been having some thoughts" 
  • Sorbello: Do it with honesty, even if the reason is really petty. The other person at least deserves to know why.  

And then Claudia dropped some truth bombs on how NOT to dump someone and pretty much nailed it: 

  • 1. Don’t get you friend to leave a voicemail on your behalf.  
    2. Don’t do it over the phone, via text, post it note, via email. Unless you’re doing distance and then I guess Skype or FaceTime is ok.  
    3. Don’t sing it. Whether it’s a real song or one you’ve made up.  
    4. Don’t have anyone else break up with someone on your behalf.  
    5. Don’t lie or blame it on anything that’s not on fault.  
    6. Don’t say it and then don’t respond to their questions.  
    7. Don’t just stop talking to them.