If you’ve ever heard the totally BS phrases “man up” or “boys don’t cry” then chances are you’ve probably thought to yourself… WHYTHEHELLNOT?!?!

We asked our Facey community if they think guys can ever be TOO emoshe… Here’s what they said. 

  • Subash: Hell no, if you have emotions you let it out don’t keep that shit bottled up

  • Patch: People who think that crying is a turn off in a dating/relationship sense should either get educated or head back to the dark ages. 

  • Victoria: Not at all. Lack of expressing emotions is more of a turn off for me. Honesty and upfront communication is more my style.

  • Sarah: Neither men or women should have any shame in expressing their emotions. We're all human, and honesty and openness between two people is vital :) 

  • Tina: People are uncomfortable with men crying because we have been conditioned to think it is a weakness. It isn't and we need to break the stigma. It takes strength to be emotional. Especially when the rest of society tells you you are weak.

  • Millie: It is if you are acting out of those emotions (negatively) and not considering the outcomes of those actions. If you be real about your feelings with your partner, it is much easier to understand each other and navigate your choices, once it is off your chest. Shutting them out, and not communicating can harm your relationship greatly.

Sooo… long story short, no. Guys and girls can and should show emotion. Glad we sorted that out.