We recently found this vid by Matthew Hussey that we reckon is a pretty good sum up of some key red flags for ANY relationship – romantic, friendships, family.  

TL;DR? Hussey reckons the 5 signs of a toxic person are: 

  1. They aim to inflict damage in an argument or disagreement, rather than solve problems 
  2. They treat everything like it's an attack on them  
  3. They say you're the cause of all the problems (never them) 
  4. They'll show you the most love when you're sad or feeling down 
  5. They're negative and/or ignore you when you succeed  

The things we dig about this video  

  • How it explains that a toxic person isn't toxic 24/7 -- sometimes they're (seemingly) super nice and there for you. But if that's only happening after they've made you feel shitty, well... 

  • How it's super real about the fact that relationships aren't always easy, so gives practical advice on how to tell the difference between normal arguing and toxic arguing: arguments or disagreeing should NEVER leave anyone feeling scared or belittled.  

  • How NO ONE has to put up with any of this crap. You're 100% allowed to say no way and expect them to sort out their shit.  

And if it's you straying into doing the toxic stuff?
 Good on you for recognising it – and now it's time to make some changes my friend. You can do it, have a read of the articles below.